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About Us

      XXX,the first class Baidu product promotion service provider, is committed to helping Chinese companies in the Internet era of marketing methods of revolution, and to enable them to seize the initiative in this marketing change.
      XXX was founded in 2003, the existing staff of more than 2 thousand people, has more than and 20 subsidiaries, covering Hebei, Liaoning and Jilin provinces, to provide domain name registration, virtual host, enterprise post office, website construction, network promotion, call center, electronic payment and a full set of network marketing solutions.
     XXX has provided professional network marketing products to several thousand enterprises since its establishment, and has obtained the good marketing effect through the specialized network marketing service.
     XXX gathered IT world elite, by the senior web designer, software development engineers, marketing consultants and professional customer service team, the implementation of professional customer service team, technical service team and other components. In recent years, XX the spirit of "unremitting self-improvement, social commitment;spirit of enterprise, adhere to the integrity-based" business philosophy,the pursuit of customers moved; as the goal to guide the market behavior, and gradually introduced the network value-added services of high quality, to make positive efforts for many enterprises to realize the dream of network marketing.
Today XX, such as the rising sun. The increasing China international strength, the era background of economic globalization has become increasingly prominent, XX will also play a more important role, carrying more Chinese business dreams, historical task with China information industry internationalization.
     XXX, XXX's largest agent;
     Xxx xxx, the first provincial management agency;
    XXX, XXX only has a provincial agent qualified agents.
    Sincere cooperation, a total of success!